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Great machine

Easy to set up, and lots of material to guide you along sharpening any type of blade. Wish I hadn't waited so long.

Awesome Service

The product is great but I was more impressed with the service. Very helpful people and willing to do what's necessary to satisfy customers. I'll buy from them over Amazon any day.

New Axe

Delivery was quick, axe was sharp and ready to use, put on fresh linseed oil on handle.

High quality

My hunting axe arrived quickly and I was very impressed with the quality. I bought it to use as a camping axe and this will really do the job. Very sharp !

Tormek Rotating Base
David Grey
Great Accessory!

I'm very glad I bought this accessory along with the Tormek 8 and Hand Tools order as it is so much easier to spin round the heavy Tormek 8 when needed and as well, it clicks into place easily.

Hand Tool Kit
David Grey
Great Product and Fast Shipping

My experience with Axeman was excellent. The Tormek 8 as well as the handtool kit arrived within a couple of days and in very good order. I am really happy with the above and beyond quality and ease of use of the product. I look forward to my next dealings with Jeremy and the others at

Diamond Wheel—Fine DF-250
Ellsworth LeDrew

Excellent on line service


Great quality materials and construction

Fits perfectly on my Wetterlings Bushman axe

Tormek T-8 Custom
Ellsworth LeDrew

Excellent purchase and delivery service

Silky Gomboy Outback

The Gomboy is a fantastic folding saw. For sure one of the best available. The item shipped quickly and there were absolutely no issues with

KJ-45 Centering Knife Jig

Black smith's hammer

It has a nice handle, and beautiful balance, and a good blade profile, for throwing. For me it works, right out of the box, for IATF and WATL. I know that 5160 steel is great for a black smith's hammer, so I expect excellent impact resistance, and good edge ware resistance.

Another hit

Great product!! Easy to cut with and super lightweight!


Excellent craftsmanship! Perfect size for backpacking and portaging. Shipping was fast .I highly recommend axeman to anyone needing bladed tools! Best anniversary gift!

Great products!

Husband was very happy with the axe and sheath! Beautiful craftsmanship!

AGDOR Felling Axe 2.75 lbs
Jonathan Woods
Canada Shopping

I wasn’t thrilled I had to buy this axe from a Canadian company (not because of them being Canadian, but because of all the issues I could see taking place if I ordered something from another country.) Turned out I had 0 issues with getting the item, the billing, or price. Great axe that I’ve already cut down two trees with. I recommend getting some paste wax and after the first time you use it wipe it off and coat it with wax. Mine developed some rust pretty quickly in my garage. Easy to knock off, but would have preferred to avoid the extra work. The websites selling this axe made it clear so I was not mislead, but if you go to Hults Bruk they say it comes with a sheath. No seller seems to forward the sheath with the axe and seems to sell it seperately.


Incredible grip and action, a beautiful axe, piece of art in my humble opinion.

Axeman’s service was as keen as the axe they sold me!

I had researched the axe thoroughly, so I was confident the product wouldn’t disappoint... It hasn’t.

The experience of buying from Axeman was the unknown.

As the title suggests, their service was a cut above the rest. I haven’t had a web purchase that painless in a long while.

Excellent service and products

Best hand sharpener I've purchased. Easy to use and keeps your fingers safely tucked away from your axe. Service is 10/10, products 10/10. Just buy from as opposed to other sites and support a great company

Great service ! Great Prices ! I own 196 axes so i know what I'm talking about

I'm a serious axe collector and avid bushcrafter. I own over 190 axes, mostly vintage but also many new. I completely concur with another reviewer who called this axe "all you will ever need for bushcraft." The design is flawless and the quality of this HB superior. Trust me, all the hype surrounding Gransfors does not make them a better axe. I own several vintage Gransfors and absolutely Love them, but I actually prefer Hults Bruk axes by more versatile design and slightly harder steel, and this one is top shelf. It came reasonably sharp with a perfect bevel but was only a polish and fine water stone away from razor sharp and holds its edge outstanding.
Cant say enough about Axeman. Outstanding service with quick responses and super fast shipping and the best prices anywhere. And in todays world how can you beat free shipping in Canada for orders over $100 ?
I will be back again soon :) - Paul in Kamloops BC

Great sharpening stone

Very well made and works exceptionally well. The groove around the stone allows for your fingers to stay safe while sharpening.


Awesome axe from awesome Canadian company. Will be buying more

Log Wizard
John Clark

Service was excellent. I have yet to set up nd use the log wizard, but am looking forward to trying.

Great Hat, Great Company!

Nice lid all around and happy to support!