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Tormek scissor jig

Well built A bit more challenging to use

A new way to sharpen knives

I have combined Tormek jigs with belt sanders for a more accurate way to sharpen
knives. using the horizontal base and Tormek knife jigs for a much faster system.

UNEX handle for Oxhead 2001 axe 610-61x18

Silky Saw and the dealer, Axeman, review. 👌

I was looking for a small business who sold Silky Saws and stumbled across this great little company “Axeman”, I purchased 3 different Silky Saws from them and though I haven’t actually had the pleasure of using these fine saws yet, I can certainly say I was very impressed with the quality customer service at Axeman! 😊

AGDOR 26 Yankee Felling Axe

Cory Brockman

Excellent product from a company with Excellent customer service!! Tks again.

A versatile edged tool

Recently picked up the Silky Nata 240 Outback Edition to be a one tool replacement for the Fiskars hatchet & the Ka-bar Jarosz Choppa in my packable trail maintenance kit (which also includes a Silky Bigboy saw).

Haven't had much chance to use it outside of delimbing a large fir that fell across a local trail but my impression is that it feels & swings like a cross between a European/Western-style hatchet & a big knife/short machete. In my hands, it chops almost (but not quite) as well as a European-style hatchet because of the blade's negative angle relative to the handle and its forward-heavy balance, and it clears brush just as well as a big knife/short machete because of its blade length (though its greater mass means I can't swing it for as long before fatigue sets in). So it's sort of a "jack of all trades, master of none" in the way all multitools are.

That said, I think some of that impression may be from my lack of experience in the use of a traditional Japanese hatchet like the Nata, and I am sure that it will become an effective single tool replacement for a European/Western hatchet and a big knife/short machete for my purposes as I become more familiar with its characteristics.

A real saw

Very efficient and rapid, it' s a must have for every outdoors man/woman. The sheath is a bit too large considering the size of the blade but very well made with a lot of place to slide strap for holding on a pack or other.

Great Customer Service

I initially contacted because I was looking for a threaded tool support for my King Industrial wet/dry sharpener. I was hoping the Tormek support would fit so I asked what the distance between the two uprights was and received a prompt response from That didn’t work out for me as the distances between the two units are different.
However, I was so impressed with the service that I decided to order a Tormek KJ-45 Centering Knife Jig and the Tormek SVM-00 Small Knife Holder from them. The order arrived promptly. I haven’t used spent much time using these tools yet but so far, all is well.
Thank you Axeman!

Amazing! Throws so beautifully

If you throw in an axe throwing league, this is the big axe for you! It came within 3 days after I ordered it, and I couldn’t be happier with it!


Haven't used it much yet but I'm happy with it

Amazing through the confections to the packaging and nice delivery we are very satisfied

Great Hatchet!

This is an amazing little hatchet and it stays extremely sharp! It's super light, easy to swing and priced very, very well. I'm definitely going to buy a second just because I like it so much.


Awesome saw! Cut through 8 inch pine easily! Hope it stays sharp for a while!

Birthday Gift

I bought this for my fiancé, as I know he had been eyeing it. He loved it! It's sharp (no burs), well-balanced, and the sheath fits perfectly (it's snug enough to stay put but isn't difficult to remove). Added bonus is the anniversary information pamphlet that accompanied tge axe.
Great gift!

Excellent Camp Hatchet

Well made hatchet. Excellent service. Shipped within an hour of completing the order.

Great Big Axe for Throwing

I bought it as a gift for my boyfriend to throw as a big axe in his axe throwing league. He loves it! Says that it does all the work, he only has to put it there. A huge step up from his Yard Works big axe.

BIGBOY 360 (LG Teeth)
Alan Rockwell
Believe the hype

Cut a green cedar log about 10 inches in diameter in about 30 seconds. Put this one on your must have list for the post zombie apocalypse kit.

Splitting Hatchet

I was very impressed with the speed of delivery and the edge on the axe when it arrived. I am using the axe to split dry fir into smaller pieces to use in starting our wood furnace each morning. As I am recovering from a fractured collarbone, I cannot afford to swing very hard and this axe is pretty much effortless for what I am doing.

Silky BIGBOY 2000 OUTBACK Edition
Jean-François Blais
Very disappointed ! First log and the blade broke !

Very disappointed ! First log I cut and broked the blade. I'm a carpenter and fine woodworker and I know how to use a saw...

solky gomboy

excellent saw, crazy fast shipping

Great Hatchet

Superior workmanship, light, sharp edge, great handle.
This hatchet is a perfect fit for my pack and pairs great with my Silky Katana Saw (375 mm).
The quality ensures it will be a mainstay in my "go to" equipment for years to come.

Beautiful Axe

Beautiful axe, very quick shipping, and the owner was very kind over email when I had some questions. Very happy to see specialty stores like this in Canada.

Two is one and one is none

I can't say for certain that the Outback Edition sawblade cuts more efficiently than the regular sawblade with medium teeth, but it should, at the very least, resist corrosion better & it is definitely a lot cooler-looking for only a small bump up in price. I've only ever snapped the blade on a Silky folding saw once in all the years I've been using them & it was due to user error: at the time, I was still unfamiliar with the nuances of using a Japanese-style saw that only cuts on the pull-stroke so I was ham-fistedly using it like a regular crosscut saw. I don't foresee needing a spare sawblade anytime soon (the impulse-hardened teeth on Silky's blades stay sharp for a very long time) but it's always good to have an extra blade handy, just in case—two is one and one is none, as the saying goes. Thanks to Axeman for quickly processing my order (and the free Axeman sticker!).

Awesome tool for trail maintenance

Received the Silky Bigboy 2000 Outback Edition folding saw just in time to buck some recently fallen deadfall (mostly young red alder & western cedar) from local trails. I've been using Silky folding saws for years & have been very happy with them: Ounce for ounce, they are some of the most effective trail maintenance tools I have. The Bigboy 2000's 360 mm blade allows me to buck logs up to 11 inches in diameter (and even bigger ones if I get creative), but folded up, it can still fit in my 20L daypack & comes in at a reasonable weight. The Outback Edition's composite handle feels similar to paper Micarta and gives off a more premium vibe than the rubber handle found on standard models. Thanks to Axeman for quickly processing my order.