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Agdor Montreal

A very nice head. A good all around pattern. I just wish they would offer this head with a 32” hande. For a felling axe, 28” is too short in my opinion. I am in the process of re-handling with a 32”. My Grandfather used an axe to make a living, and they avoided short handles like the plague. If you’re using an axe like a hatchet, fine, but when you’re limbing or felling, you need some length.

Weaver Leather Axe Sheath

A great sheath. Will fit on multiple heads due to its open back design. I especially like the middle strip of leather between the rivets. It gives the bit something to bear against, an extra measure of protection.

Fireman's axe

I purchased this axe for my nephew he's a firefighter in Milton Ontario I think he will love it

MB-102 Multi Base
Norm Wilson
A Must Have Jig!

Tormek has FINALLY marketed their own Forward Vertical Base (FVB), the new MB-102 Multi-Base. Been a long time coming. This is a must have jig for any sharpener using the Tormek T-8. It is well made, stable and mutli-functional. It safely permits the sharpening of steeply angled apexes on wide blades with "edge trailing". Sharpening using "edge leading" presents the hazard of blade "kick back" by the wheel towards the operator resulting in possible injury. Happened to me once! A good investment this new jig. Axeman is absolutely the place to buy your Tormek wheels and jigs. Best prices, fast delivery and excellent customer service. Thanks, Jeremy!!

So Much Better!

So much better than the standard Tormek Universal Support! A longer guide rail and increased height options. Excellent for both longer and wider blades. Peace of mind in not running off the rail and being able to obtain the desired apex angle. Now I use the standard Universal Support, in conjunction with the new MB 102 Multi Base for honeing only.

Works great

It dose the job very well. It is nice that it is really leather and will last

Good For a Very Particular Purpose

I purchased this handle in order to make a tomahawk-style (handle proceeds down through the eye) handle for an old 5lb French felling axe I'd been making serviceable again. As this is the general methodology behind most western European axes. Obviously this is not a very common purpose. However in this case it absolutely worked great. However it required a significant amount of work to get down to size (my draw knife was the primary tool). But that was alright I wanted lots of material in the first place. But for someone pursuing a more traditional project, you should be aware of exactly how much work you'll be getting into. Of particular note you will have to thin the handle out quite a bit, even if you're mounting through the bottom like a traditional American Axe. As the top is simply too heavy to be practical, although the bottom is a usable thickness.

If I had to be fully honest I don't believe this product would be much use for any sort of traditional American style axe handling project, it's simply too big and a more common replacement would suit you better, as it would require substantially less work. However for odd uses such as mine it was nearly perfect. Although the grain orientation visible at the top of the handle was a tad skewed, it was not a risky or dangerous degree.

Gesto Fire Guy

Purchased as a gift for a young Firefighter to mount in his shop! Its great!

Successful first order

I ordered a few items to test the waters. All arrived exactly as advertised, delivered on time. Good service, no problems.

Hultafors Axe Stone

Great axe stone and well made leather case. Has a groove around the side of stone to help keep your fingers safe. Excellent to carry in the woods. Great service from

Worth it

Worth it to me. She already took an overstrike and protected the wood from any visible damage.

Good quality

Very well made. Might wana hit her with some brown leather shoe polish just to keep her nice and protected from the elements.

MB-102 Multi Base
Gary Hofer

MB-102 Multi Base

Outdoor Knife OKW
Marco Spenard

Excellent knife. Good craftmanship. Dimensions, balance blade profile and grind make this an all around camp task and venison game blade that will perform diligently. The wood /leather edition is worth the price. Axeman was flawless regarding all aspects of this transaction!

MB-102 Multi Base
Marc Garneau
Excellente service

Parfait pour les couteaux Japonais. Bon prix, sans frais de livraison.


Excellent rapport qualité-prix.
Je viens de m'en servir pour équarrir un petit billot de frêne.
Félicicitations à Axeman pour garder les prix raisonnables en cette période d'inflation. En résumé, bon achat. Je recommande

Åby Forest Axe, 700g Premium

Solid axe

I bought the axe for throwing. It is held up well the last two weeks, and I look forward to continuing to use it all in all a solid axe for throwing.

Log Wizard
Great product

This has been an awesome little tool.This wors well for debarking logs that are dirty. Really saves the blades on my mill .

Better then expected.

Very impressed. Already using her out along the North Saskatchewan river by Fort Sask to gather and process dead poplar, spruce and birch. Had a estwing 26" camp axe before so ya lol, i like this one. Like i said the quality is better then i expected but to be transparent... The handle grain pattern runs toward 10 O'clock and is about 75% heartwood. Many professionals say it dose not make much difference with hickory but just to be transparent thats how the handle is. Worth sanding down the handle if you plan on using her alot, and she comes sharp but you might want a thinner profile. Highly recommended.

Can be swung all day

I recently used this axe for 2 days straight splitting firewood. I really like it because of the weight to power ratio. It is light enough that I could swing this axe all day. Although it is not as strong as a maul for tough wood, it can be used much longer. Very satisfied.

new life

long story long... Bought this to re-haft a Husqvarna 15" hatchet that I rarely used because I found it too heavy. Great little hatchet but I was always reaching for others I own. Put his 20" handle on and It was amazing. Fit like a glove. No shaping or sanding necessary. Had it done in 10 minutes. the POB is about 1 1/2" inches and the control is amazing. Like swinging a 16 oz. hammer! No fatigue at all. I could have just bought an Ekelund, but I used the old 15" handle on a replacement Fiskars pruning saw blade. now I have an extra hand pruner that cost me nothing, and it cuts like a chain saw. I almost want to get another handle and re-haft my Husq 26" forest axe. I just might.

So far so good

There’s a bit of a learning curve with the tormek, however, once you get the kinks ironed out getting a sharp edge is very satisfying. Working with sharp knives is always a pleasure, and the fast shipping means you won’t have to wait weeks to dress up those knives.

Great axe

Nice splitting axe
Good weight and head, sharpens nicely

325 Anniversary Axe 10-06
Lloyd Pettipas
Hults Bruk 325

Cant wait to try this little hatchet out, also got a great Hults Bruk axe stone to carry into the woods.Extremely pleased with Im on the East Coast and received the axe quickly and well packaged. Thank-You.