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Silky BIGBOY 2000 OUTBACK Edition


Silky BIGBOY 2000 OUTBACK Edition

BLADE LENGTH: 360mm Curved

TEETH PITCH: 6.5 (5.5 tpi)

WEIGHT: 1.05 lbs (478g)

NON-SET TEETH: Taper ground to reduce resistance for smoother, easier and faster cutting.

IMPULSE-HARDENED: The teeth of the blade are heated and hardened to stay sharp three times longer than non-hardened teeth.

BLACK PLATING: Blacking plating allows entire blade, including the teeth, to be coated with a unique, highly durable Nickel / Tin blend. It provides longer blade life and improved cutting performance.

The Silky Outback Edition hand saws feature a handle made of arbor composite which provides excellent grip and control for wet, cold and game-processing conditions. The blade can cut bone and wood, and is black-plated with a nickel/tin blend to improve durability and reduce reflection for stealth, low-impact activities. 6.5 (5.5 tpi1.05 lbs (478g)

Carrying case included

Customer Reviews

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Adam Crouch
Prompt shipping

BC to on in 2 business days using their free shipping.

Cody Thompson

Who knew I'd love such an expensive saw so much. Can process wood extremely quick. A must have for preppers and bush men. Cuts like a dream. Curious to see how long the blades stay sharp. I order with an extra blade to be safe. Highly recommend

Steve Fleming

Spent 2 days winter camping right after this arrived in the mail. It was quite cold (-15 to -20 C), and had to process a lot of wood. This saw worked very well, especially with softwoods (cedar, pine, fir). The aggressive teeth and blade length provide additional efficiency over smaller blades... well worth packing it! had great customer service, answering some questions via email in very short time with solid advice.

Great tool, highly recommend it.

Felix Des Ruisseaux

Very nice and sharp

Bryan Wallace
Rip N Tear like LA Guns

Axeman all the way. Let’s go Brandon. Fast delivery and easy to track !!!! Rock Stars here.