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Sponsorship Request

We sincerely thank you for your interest in a donation from If your looking for us to sponsor events or donate products please fill out the form and we will review every request. As many others are experiencing, we are dealing with the repercussions of the past year so we simple can't support everyone or ever event but we will do what we can.. We wish you well with your upcoming events and look forward to connecting with you.

Thanks for thinking of as a relevant donor for your event's audience, personal trip, non-profit, or fundraiser. Before you take the time to submit a sponsorship request, please read through these FAQs to get answers to some of the more common questions and consider whether is, in fact, the right company that will resonate with your audience and brings the most value to your event.

If you feel like the brand embodies the same values as the audience you are asking support for, please fill out the sponsorship request below. Once we review, we will reply at our earliest convenience. We do receive a high volume of requests, so please, be patient. We are not able to support any events within the next 90 days. If the date of your event is less than 90 days IT WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED.


What if you have sponsored my event in the past?

If we have sponsored your event in the past, that does not automatically mean we will be able to sponsor your event year after year. As much as we love to remain loyal to those who are loyal to us, we have limited resources. Please don’t take it personally!

What if I have more than one event for to support?

If you hold multiple events per year, please apply only once per event, and use separate application forms for each of your events.

Why wasn't my request approved? appreciates your initiative and supports your endeavors but we cannot always fulfill requests. There are several circumstances that may prevent us from donating. We may have already contributed to several charitable organizations like yours, or all of our donation funds and/or donation products have been depleted. Please do not view this inability as an expression of our support. Sometimes, we just simply cannot.