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Hatchet and Axe Handles

Axe Handle Sizing Info:

When it comes to axe handles, the sizing is typically represented in millimeters. Let's break down the example "375-50x20":

1. "375" represents the handle length in millimeters. This indicates that the total length of the axe handle from one end to the other is 375 millimeters.

2. "50x20" represents the axe head eye size in millimeters. The eye size refers to the opening or hole in the axe head where the handle fits into. In this case, the dimensions are 50 millimeters in width and 20 millimeters in height.

By providing this information, users can ensure that the axe handle they choose matches the dimensions of their axe head, ensuring a proper fit and optimal performance.

Hultafors Steel Wedge Round, 2-pack


$10.00 USD
Handle HB AHC 600-43X15 HB Premium

HU 842770

$49.00 USD
Handle HB AHC 650-50X20 HB Premium


$66.00 USD
Axe Shaft Straight KS 900-72x40


$74.00 USD
Adler spare handle 385-43x13

Sold Out
Adler Axe handle 700-50x16

$44.00 USD
Adler spare handle 800-53x18

$55.00 USD
Wetterhall straight handle 760-60x17


$93.00 USD