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The Silky Outback Edition hand saws feature a handle made of arbor composite which provides excellent grip and control for wet, cold and game-processing conditions. The blade can cut bone and wood, and is black-plated with a nickel/tin blend to improve durability and reduce reflection for stealth, low-impact activities.

  • BLADE LENGTH:  240mm Curved
  • TEETH PITCH:  8 (6.8 tpi)
  • WEIGHT:  0.63 lbs (288g)
  • NON-SET TEETH: Taper ground to reduce resistance for smoother, easier and faster cutting.
  • IMPULSE-HARDENED: The teeth of the blade are heated and hardened to stay sharp three times longer than non-hardened teeth.
  • MIRAI-ME: Featuring 4 cutting angles along the blade for rip-cutting, cross-cutting and slant cutting, leaving a smooth surface every time.
  • BLACK PLATING: Blacking plating allows entire blade, including the teeth, to be coated with a unique, highly durable Nickel / Tin blend. It provides longer blade life and improved cutting performance.

Customer Reviews

Based on 51 reviews
Andrew Gerbrandt
Love it

Bought this after seeing in Destination Adventure YouTube video. Looked like it worked good in video so took a chance and wasn't disappointed.

Duane Newsham
Great little saw

Just completed a 14 day trip down the Yukon River, this saw was great for cutting wood for campfires. It was fast and sharp, the compact size was great for packing away when not using.

Laurent Villeneuve
Bigboy's little brother.

Cuts as well as the Bigboy and leaves a clean and smooth finish. The Gomboy goes into tighter spaces. It's a joy to use these saws and I know they will last me a lifetime.

I'm a loyal Axeman customer simply because they treat their customers right. Thanks Jeremy and crew.

Norberto Pancera
Eager to use it this hunting season

Outstanding service from Axeman, as usual. My order was shipped within hours of payment.
Haven't really had a chance to try the saw other than small branch removals around the house. The curved blade adds to the aggressiveness and how fast it saws thru wood (cuts faster than my 6" Fiskars with straight edge, similar technology, for a third of the price). I was afraid the black coating would come off first use, happy to report it didn't. I wish it would lock in place when closed, but not a big deal since it's going into my hunting pack for improvements to my ground blind and hopefully processing game!

Qualité supérieure

Comme toujours, livraison rapide et service personnalisé. La scie Silky Gomboy Curve Outback est un outil de très haute qualité (comme tout ce que Axeman vend). J’ai coupé sans problème des branches de 6-7 pouces (travail d’arboriculteur dans un chêne de 50 pieds). Son format assez compact en fait une scie tout-aller idéale. Très content de mon achat!

Les outils achetés chez Axeman (scie Silky et haches Hultafors) sont devenus de précieux alliés!

As always, fast delivery and personalized service. The Silky Gomboy Curve Outback saw is a very high quality tool (like everything Axeman sells). I've cut 6-7 inch branches with no problem (arborist work in a 50-foot oak tree). Its compact size makes it an ideal all-purpose saw. Very happy with my purchase!

The tools I bought from Axeman (Silky saw and Hultafors axes) have become precious allies!