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Ox Head -

Oxhead / Ochsenkopf is a brand of axes that has been around for over 260 years. Located in the German town of Suhl, the company has a long history of producing high-quality hand tools for woodworking and forestry. Ochsenkopf axes are known for their durability, reliability, and excellent craftsmanship.

There are several different types of Ochsenkopf axes available on the market today, each designed for a specific purpose. For example, the Ochsenkopf Felling Axe is a popular choice for chopping down trees, with a long handle and a wide, heavy head for maximum cutting power. The Ochsenkopf Splitting Axe, on the other hand, has a thinner, more pointed head that is well-suited for splitting logs into smaller pieces.

In addition to these two types of axes, Ochsenkopf also manufactures a range of other hand tools for forestry and woodworking, including hatchets, adzes, and wedges. All of these tools are made using traditional techniques and the highest-quality materials, ensuring that they will stand up to even the toughest work.

One of the things that sets Ochsenkopf axes apart from other brands is the level of care that goes into each one. Every Ochsenkopf axe is hand-forged by skilled craftsmen, and each one is subjected to rigorous testing to ensure that it meets the company's high standards of quality. This attention to detail is one of the reasons why Ochsenkopf axes are so highly prized by woodworkers and forestry professionals around the world.

In conclusion, Ochsenkopf is a brand that has built a reputation for producing some of the finest axes on the market. Whether you're a professional logger or a hobbyist woodworker, an Ochsenkopf axe is a tool that you can rely on to get the job done right.

Ox Head OX 440 H-2708 Champion Axe


$724.89 CAD
Ox Head OX 18 H-1206 Double bit

OX18-1200 DB

$468.89 CAD
Ox Head OX 15 H-0807 ILTIS Chainsaw Axe, 800g

OX 15 H-0807

$156.99 CAD
Ox Head Split-Quick Axe


$141.98 CAD
Iltis Oxhead Curved Adze Head

$141.87 CAD