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MB-102 Multi Base


Get a flat bevel on the side of your diamond wheel, or convert horizontal mounts to vertical

The MB-102 Multi Base allows you to sharpen on the side of Tormek's diamond grinding wheels. This results in a completely flat bevel, which is preferable in certain applications. The MB-102 Multi Base is fully adjustable for optimal settings for each tool and jig. It also converts the horizontal mounts to vertical, for easier access when sharpening knives edge trailing, and for guided honing using knife jigs (so-called Frontal Vertical Base or FVB).

Why MB-102 Multi Base?

  • Allows you to sharpen a perfectly flat bevel on the flat side of your diamond grinding wheel.
  • Great for sharpening flat bevels on luthier knives, Kiridashi knives, V-gouges, chip-carving knives, Japanese planes, and more.
  • Allows frontal vertical mounting of universal support - better access for sharpening knives edge trailing, and for guided honing using knife jigs.
  • Fits the Tormek T-8, Tormek T-4, and older models.

Provides a completely flat bevel

When you sharpen on top of the curved part of the grinding wheel you get a slightly concave bevel. For some tools, a flat bevel is preferable. You can achieve this by sharpening against the flat side of your diamond grinding wheels.

Please note that sharpening on the side of the grinding wheel with the MB-102 Multi Base is recommended only with diamond grinding wheels. We don't recommend it for sharpening with grindstones as they wear down and require truing, which isn't possible on the side.

Fully adjustable to fit your specific tool

The MB-102 Multi Base has an adjustable joint which allows you to fix the sharpening position based on the optimal setting for each tool and jig. You can mount the MB-102 Multi Base in either the vertical or horizontal mounts on your machine, whichever works best for your tool, jig, or stance.

Sharpen knives edge trailing and guided honing with knife jigs

When mounting the MB-102 Multi Base horizontally on your Tormek machine, you can mount the universal support vertically in front of the machine. Basically, you convert the horizontal mounts on the machine to become vertical.

This provides better access for sharpening knives with the edge in the same direction as the rotation of the grinding wheel (edge trailing) and for guided honing using knife jigs. Many users prefer to sharpen edge trailing on the Japanese Waterstone, to make sure that the edge don't catch the softer stone.

Works with most Tormek jigs

The MB-102 Multi Base can be used with most Tormek jigs. It is designed to work best with these jigs:

However, because of the flexibility the MB-102 Multi Base offers, we encourage sharpening innovation - how will you use it?

The MB-102 Multi Base comes fully assembled and ready to use.


Packaging dimensions

Width: 353 mm (13 7/8")
Depth: 180 mm (7 1/8")
Height: 67 mm (2 5/8")

Product dimensions

Width: 332 mm (13 1/8")
Depth: 126 mm (5")
Height: 37 mm (1 1/2")


Shipping weight 0.95 kg (2.1 lbs)
Product only 0,77 kg (1,7 lbs)





Precision-cast zinc, black plastic knobs


2-year warranty


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

This stuff just keeps getting better

Norm Wilson
A Must Have Jig!

Tormek has FINALLY marketed their own Forward Vertical Base (FVB), the new MB-102 Multi-Base. Been a long time coming. This is a must have jig for any sharpener using the Tormek T-8. It is well made, stable and mutli-functional. It safely permits the sharpening of steeply angled apexes on wide blades with "edge trailing". Sharpening using "edge leading" presents the hazard of blade "kick back" by the wheel towards the operator resulting in possible injury. Happened to me once! A good investment this new jig. Axeman is absolutely the place to buy your Tormek wheels and jigs. Best prices, fast delivery and excellent customer service. Thanks, Jeremy!!

Gary Hofer

MB-102 Multi Base

Marc Garneau
Excellente service

Parfait pour les couteaux Japonais. Bon prix, sans frais de livraison.