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Silky CASEBOY Holster for Folding Saws


Holster for folding saws that are 180-300mm in length.

Silky Saws Silky CASEBOY Holster for Folding Saws

  • Silky Saws CASEBOY Holster for Folding Saws 180-300mm in length is stylish, conventional, and economical case protection for Holster for folding saws.
  • Top of the class standard case pad is a work of art, designed to accommodate the shape of the equipment as it provides safety and comfort to every use.
  • Dedicated to providing support for any kind of pruning jobs, whether ordinary backyard pruning or vigorous backyard plot clearing, to effortlessly carry your equipment.
  • It is easy to use, low maintenance, and can easily adapt to diverse pruning activities with the help of its portable design and engineered materials.
  • Receiving "top of the line" quality from various awards and nominations, this product can be used for any day to day pruning tasks or similar jobs.