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Hult Splitting Axe, 1.5 kg Premium


This is a solid splitting axe, intended for heavier duties such as splitting logs and wood. The shape of the head, in combination with slightly convex grinding, splits the wood. The axe has a long and straight handle made from American hickory, to gain maximal speed and control when splitting logs. The axe is hand forged and made from Swedish quality steel in the forge at Hults Bruk. The forging tradition goes as far back as 1697, and the steel head is struck 40-60 times to increase density and durability to the head. The name of this axe has its origin in Hult, the area where Hults Bruk was founded. Like most old Swedish geographical names, it describes the surrounding landscape of the place. Take care of your axe and it will stay a faithful companion for many years to come.

  • Wooden handle from American hickory, treated with linseed oil
  • Slightly convex grinding
  • The edge is sharpened, polished and ready to use
  • Leather axe sheath included
  • Head Weight: 1500 g
  • Handle Type: Straight
  • Weight including handle: 2072 g
  • Handle: Hickory
  • 750 mm/30"
  • Surface Axe Head: Oil treatment
  • Sparer Handle HU-842740

Customer Reviews

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Brian Welch

Hult Splitting Axe, 1.5 kg Premium

Matthew Hagge
Splits wood.

Does a perfectly fine job as splitting wood about as wide at 18". Naturally, this isn't a splitting maul so don't expect to be splitting giant North American trees 3' across without tons of effort. This seems to, obviously, be a design focused around the smaller trees found in Nordic countries, not the huge trees we have in Canada. That said, it's also something that's portable. I would never take a splitting maul much further than the wood chopping area, but I'd have no problem bringing this camping with me, and even on a backpack if I was going wold camping for a longer length of time.

Highly Recommend

Superior quality item and fantastic service from Axeman. We will definitely be ordering again in the future.


Fine craftsmanship....was worth my search .....would buy again

Mike Brown
Love this product!

The axe is incredible quality and compared to my other one it never seems to bind up and get stuck in a log.

Shipped on time as promised. Thanks Axeman 😎