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Gomboy Curve Professional 240


This folding saw with curved blade is ideal for pruning, camping, or hunting.

Silky Saws Gomboy Curve Professional 240

  • Silky Saws Gomboy Curve Professional 240 mm (9.5 in) blade length and 6.8 mm teeth per inch is a heavy-duty blade gear. It is the perfect shear to be kept in one's toolbox for additional cutting work support.
  • Authentic premium Japanese steel, it has micro patterned no-slip handle utilizing Mirai-Me blade technology: the blade has 4 cutting angles along its length as it leaves a smooth surface after cutting, and rip-cut, cross-cut, or slant-cut slitting capacity on creases it creates with its two cutting positions.
  • This top of the class standard equipment from the Bear Necessities exquisite tool line up is a work of art, with its non-set teeth the blades are made taper ground to reduce resistance, giving smoother, easier, and faster cutting performance.
  • Engineered to perfection, it has impulse-hardened teeth blades which are heated instantly and hardened, staying sharp about 3X longer than non-hardened teeth and hard chrome plating conveying exceedingly high durable surface, resistant to rust and the effects of resin.
  • It delivers comfort to every use dedicated to providing cutting support for any kind of cutting-related jobs. It is simple to use, easy to carry, low maintenance, and can effortlessly adapt to diverse activities.
  • Receiving "top of the line" quality from various awards and nominations, this tool can be used for any day to day cutting tasks or similar jobs. The product comes with a custom carrying case.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Michelle C
FAST SHIPPING - Gomboy Curve Professional 240

Shipping was fast and the Gomboy Curve Pro 240 is serving the purpose it was purchased for. Reliable seller and great products!

Ryan Chalifoux
Top notch quality

Quality is tip notch

Remus Man

Very good quality, the best saw I ever used!

David Panylyk

Haven't used it yet.... but will be perfect for my needs. ( multiday hiking ). Incorporated into my backpack extremely well, and not heavy to be to cumbersome. Thank, D