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AGDOR 28 Montreal Felling Axe


Useful for more than cutting down trees, the 2.5-pound Montreal pattern axe head features wide cheeks for splitting with a long blade that chops deep cuts, paired with a curved 28-inch American hickory handle. Painted Agdor blue and expertly hand forged from premium Swedish steel, sharpened and ready to use out of the box.

The 28-inch Agdor meets league requirements for size, weight and materials, and also provides a durable, customizable axe. The cutting edge is approximately 4.25-inches in length. Note: all Hults Bruk axes are hand forged, so there may be slight variations from axe to axe.

  • The axe head is hand forged at the historic Hults Bruk, a forge that has been in operation since 1697.
  • Each axe is made from high-quality Swedish axe steel, expertly tempered to hold a very sharp edge even after repeated sharpening.
  • Painted iconic Agdor blue, sharpened ready to use.
  • Curved American hickory handle protected with linseed oil.
  • Detailed user’s manual.

  • Model: 28
  • Weight of head: 1.1 kg / 2.5 lbs
  • Handle: Hickory
  • Length of handle: 700 mm / 28"

Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
David Nelson
Agdor Montreal

A very nice head. A good all around pattern. I just wish they would offer this head with a 32” hande. For a felling axe, 28” is too short in my opinion. I am in the process of re-handling with a 32”. My Grandfather used an axe to make a living, and they avoided short handles like the plague. If you’re using an axe like a hatchet, fine, but when you’re limbing or felling, you need some length.

Pat S
Solid axe

I bought the axe for throwing. It is held up well the last two weeks, and I look forward to continuing to use it all in all a solid axe for throwing.

Thanks , good and fast shipping

Thanks, good and fast shipping

Simon Labonte
Adgor 2,5lbs 28" Montréal patern

Thanks, good and fast shipping

Matthew Polley
Great service and product.

Axe received as ordered with the leather cover. Can’t wait to use it this spring.