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Ekelund Hunting Axe, 850 g Premium


With its ground neck and medium-weight head, Ekelund Hunting Axe is ideal for easier forestry work as well as for skinning game with great precision. This makes it your perfect hunting partner. It is also an ideal gift for any hunting enthusiast. The axe is hand forged and made from Swedish quality steel in the forge at Hults Bruk. The forging tradition goes as far back as 1697, and the steel head is struck 40-60 times to increase density and durability to the head. The name of this axe comes from Gunnar Ekelund, the squire who initiated axe production at a larger scale in Hults Bruk in 1870 - 1875. Take care of your axe and it will stay a faithful companion for many years to come.

  • Wooden handle from American hickory, treated with linseed oil
  • Convex grind edge
  • The edge is sharpened, polished and ready to use
  • Leather axe sheath included
  • Head Weight: 850 g
  • Handle Type: Curved
  • Weight including handle: 1210 g
  • Handle: Hickory
  • Handle Length: 500 mm/20"
  • Surface Axe Head: Oil treatment

Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Gregory Mason
Ekelund Hunting Axe

For me the size and weight are perfect for bringing into the back country and preparing firewood at home. Crazy sharp.

Mark Dunbar

Great product, excellent service, fast delivery. Bought for Christmas gift.

A great axe

This axe has been with me all week backpack camping. I've been making a fire every night for my fiance and I, and this axe is razor sharp. We've made kindling, chopped some standing dead wood, split wood, she's been doing it all flawlessly. The edge is still Polished to perfection. I know some folks who've had their hults bruks for many, MANY years, so I'm confident mine will last as long if taken care of. Can't wait to have this axe as a companion for many decades of camping to come.



Jeremy Gardipee

Ekelund Hunting Axe, 850 g Premium