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Tormek T-4 Bushcraft Edition


Why the Tormek T-4 Bushcraft?

  • Equipped with theKJ-45 Centering Knife Jig and SVA-170 Axe Jig to keep your tools ready for the wilderness
  • Compact water-cooled sharpening system in a stylish green color for all your edge tools
  • Water-cooled sharpening with no risk of overheating the steel
  • Exact replication – sharpen your tools with unbeatable precision
  • Efficient grindstone with adjustable properties equivalent to 220 to 1000 grit
  • Sturdy, cast zinc top with patented mounts for precise sharpening and full control
  • Maintenance-free industrial motor (AC) ensures minimal speed loss even under heavy load
  • Unique drive system with RKX18 rubber drive wheels
  • Stainless steel shaft with composite EzyLock for easy replacement of grinding wheels
  • 8-year warranty, 5 years + 3 years when you register online (for private use)

Grinding wheel for both fine and coarse sharpening

The Tormek T-4 Bushcraft allows you to sharpen a variety of outdoor knives, hunting knives, fishing knives and axes. This sharpening machine comes with Tormek's SG-200 Original Grindstone, which provides a wide range of sharpening properties in a single grindstone. You can easily alternate between coarse sharpening at 220 grit and finer sharpening that gives a surface equivalent to 1000 grit. This allows you to restore very badly damaged tools and make them as good as new, but you can easily sharpen tools that are just blunted, too.

Finishing off your sharpening with the leather honing wheel polishes the bevel and removes the burr formed during sharpening. This gives your tool maximum sharpness and a polished edge that lasts.

Swedish-made quality machine

The Tormek T-4 Bushcraft has a fully cast zinc upper body that integrates the vital parts of the machine such as the motor, main shaft, handle and the precision mounts for the universal support. The base of the housing is made of impact-resistant green ABS plastic. All in all, this gives you a sturdy machine that can withstand pressure and offers unbeatable precision. The robust handle means you can easily move the machine when needed.

Sharpens all your tools

Tormek offers a set of jigs for different tools that can be purchased separately and used on the same system, depending on your needs. Chisels, drill bits, scissors and woodturning tools are all examples of other tools you can sharpen with the Tormek T-4 Bushcraft.


The Tormek T-4 Bushcraft comes with everything you need to sharpen your knives and axes for hunting, fishing and outdoor activities

  • KJ-45 Centering Knife Jig for sharpening all your hunting, fishing and outdoor knives
  • SVA-170 Axe Jig so that you'll always have a sharp axe with you
  • SG-200 Original Grindstone with adjustable sharpening properties
  • LA-145 Leather Honing Wheel for deburring and polishing the bevel
  • US-103 Universal Support for precision sharpening
  • The SP-650 Stone Grader, to adjust the grit of your grindstone
  • WM-200 AngleMaster to measure the existing bevel angle and set the sharpening angle
  • PA-70 Honing Compound used on the leather honing wheel
  • EM-15 Edge Marker for coloring the bevel when setting the sharpening angle
  • HB-10 Tormek Handbook comes in different language versions depending on the market
Complement your Tormek T-4 Bushcraft with a selection of jigs for the other tools you'll be sharpening (sold separately).


Packaging dimensions

Width: 325 mm (12¾")
Depth: 235 mm (9¼")
Height: 257 mm (10 1/8")

Machine dimensions

Width: 240 mm (9 7/16")

Depth: 205 mm (8 1/16")
Height: 260 mm (10¼")


Inc. packaging: 10,3 kg (22.6 lbs)

Machine only: 8 kg (17.6 lbs)



Cord length

1.7 m (5' 7")


Precision-cast zinc top, powder-coated

Impact-resistant green ABS plastic

Grinding wheel

Aluminum oxide
Ø 200 × 40 mm (7.87 × 1.57")

Honing wheel

Cowhide from Tärnsjö Garveri, ABS plastic.
Ø 145 × 26 mm (5.71 × 1.02")

Drive system

Unique drive system with RKX18 rubber

Self-adjusting for load

Main shaft


120 rpm

Torque 8.4 Nm


Industrial motor, single phase, AC

120 W (input), 100-115 V / 220-240 V, 50-60 Hz
Operation 30 min/h
Quiet running, 54 dB
10 000 hours of operating time


8-year warranty*, 5 years + 3 years when you register at

* The warranty for the Tormek T-4 Original is 2 years when used for commercial, industrial, or educational purposes


Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Tiffany Fink
So far so good

There’s a bit of a learning curve with the tormek, however, once you get the kinks ironed out getting a sharp edge is very satisfying. Working with sharp knives is always a pleasure, and the fast shipping means you won’t have to wait weeks to dress up those knives.

William de la Chevrotiere
Stop thinking about it, this is the best and you know it

This will get any normal sized dull knife to shaving sharp in less than 5 minutes once you get used to it. Don't be afraid of the learning curve, it's not that long and Tormek made plenty of tutorials on YT for you. Coming from the edge pro and the wicked edge systems, i consider this system a major upgrade. Will it get scary sharp like with the wicked edge? Not in my hands right now but it will be very close in less than 5 minutes with only the original grinding wheel and some stropping. Very satisfied too with the service i got from axeman, shipping was super quick and they got a lot of accessories for it.

Norman Isaak
Great kit!!

The Tormek T4 is awesome. Does everything I need it to. Shipping was very quick. Highly recommend purchasing from Axeman.

Fred John bicknell
Good stuff

Not just Tormek T-4 Bushcraft is so good but was the best to deal with top notch thanks again

Hung vinh Nguyen

It’s a well made
Machine as first I was thinking to get a similar as Tormek but was Sceptical I’m very happy with my decision.