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TC-800 Tormek Case


TC-800 Tormek Case

Store and transport jigs and accessories


The TC-800 Tormek Case keeps your jigs and accessories organized. A stylish leather handle makes the case easy to carry around. The case is made of a durable plastic and has a sliding lid that keeps everything in place.



Why TC-800 Tormek Case?

  • Stackable for easy storage.
  • Durable materials protect your jigs and accessories.
  • Leather handle.
  • Stylish design.
  • Compatible with the storage trays for accessories and jigs.

Keeping things organized when storing or transporting them

With the TC-800 Tormek Case, there's a place for everything and you can find whatever you need with ease. It comes with a transparent sliding lid that allows you to quickly see the jig or accessory you need at that time. Keeping things organized makes sharpening easier!

The TC-800 Tormek Case is made of highly durable materials. The case is stackable for convenient storage, and it has a stylish design. It also comes with a stylish leather handle that makes it easy to carry. Your jigs and accessories will be safe whether you're transporting or storing them.

Choose storage trays depending on what you need

The TC-800 Tormek Case is compatible with the accessory and jig storage trays HTK-00 Storage Tray for Hand Tool Kit, TNT-00 Storage Tray for Woodturner’s Kit and T8-00 Storage Tray for Tormek T-8 Accessories. The storage trays, which are available to buy, are made of EPP, a construction material that's highly durable and made to store your jigs for many years to come.

The TC-800 Tormek Case is included as part of the HTK-806 Hand Tool Kit and the TNT-808 Woodturner's Kit. The TC-800 Tormek Case doesn't fit with the previous storage trays for the HTK-706 and TNT-708 and the previous Tormek T-8 top box. The TC-800 Tormek Case is sold separately, and no jigs or storage trays are included.


Packaging dimensions

Width: 404 mm (15 7/8")
Depth: 98 mm (3 7/8")
Height: 309 mm (12 1/8")


Shipping weight 1.23 kg (2.71 lb)


Dark gray


ABS plastic, PPCO plastic, leather handle


2-year warranty


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Made in Sweden


TC-800 Tormek Case introduction

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The TC-800 Tormek Case comes fully assembled and ready to use.