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Silky Pocketboy Curve Professional


The same quality you expect in any Pocketboy folding saw, Silky Saw's Pocketboy Curve Professional makes cutting easy. Impulse hardened teeth and a hard chrome treated finish are standard on this "Little Giant."

Silky Saws Silky Pocketboy Curve Professional

  • Silky Saws Silky Pocketboy Curve Professional SI-726-13  130mm blade length, 1.2 mm kerf, 230 g weight, and 6.8 per inch teeth configuration is a heavy-duty blade gear. It is the perfect shear to be kept in one's toolbox for additional cutting work support, utilizing Mirai-Me blade technology, the blade of the future!
  • This top of the class equipment from the Bear Necessities exquisite tool line up is a work of art, with its blades made to reduce resistance, giving smoother, easier, and faster cutting performance.
  • Engineered to perfection, it has chrome plating with a highly durable surface which makes it resistant to rust and the effects of resin. Folds up and closes neatly, it has security screws which offers protection against accidental opening or closing of the foldable blade.
  • Best used for pruning or trimming of lawn, gardening jobs, or construction-related activities.
  • It delivers comfort to every use dedicated to providing cutting support for any kind of cutting-related jobs, curved for easier cuts. It is simple to use, easy to carry, low maintenance, and can effortlessly adapt to diverse activities.
  • Receiving "top of the line" quality from various awards and nominations, this tool can be used for any day to day cutting tasks or similar errands. The product comes with a carrying case made of strong materials.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Reid Rorem

Quality product, excellent service and priced competitively

Owen J
Perfect for impromptu trail work

I bought the 130mm Pocketboy for impromptu trail work while walking the dog in our neighbouring forest. The first time out I used it to easily remove several small blowdowns (up to 4 inch diameter) that were blocking the trail. Very effective and small enough to be totally unobtrusive in a jacket pocket. Great service from AXEMAN.

Byron Staniforth
Silky Performance Unbeatable

I use my saws mostly for processing firewood. I have a straight and curved blade Pocketboy, Gomboy and Bigboy for different gear sets. I also have the Katanaboy 500. For me, Silky saws have proven their reliability and performance. I have other saws like the Agawa Canyon 21” and 24”, Bahco Laplander and Expert. And some knock off Chinese saws. But I always carry a Silky. For winter camping I’ll use the Agawa saws with the aggressive blade, but the rest of the time I gravitate towards the Gomboy medium tooth straight blade. And now I have the Gomboy Outback to test out. I like using my Titanium twig stoves so I’m always using a saw and a knife. And sometimes a hatchet. I have jammed the blade and bent a few, but never broke one. But now I have the technique down and rarely have an issue. The blades last a long time before they need sharpening. They can be sharpened, but I just bought a Gomboy replacement blade instead. Can’t go wrong with a Silky! Cheers

Andrew Pardy
Perfect Choice for a Pack

Nice and compact, which is exactly what I was looking for. The fit and finish is the typical high quality that you’d expect from Silky, with my buying experience from Jeremy and the team being great as well.