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Scissors Jig


SVX-150 Scissors Jig

Always sharp scissors

Give your scissors a turn on your Tormek with the SVX-150 Scissors Jig. It works with most types of scissors and shears, from small household scissors to large hedge shears. You can even sharpen pinking shears that cut fabric in zigzags and certain blades for electronic hand planes.



Why SVX-150 Scissors Jig?

  • Make your blunt old scissors sharper than when they were new.
  • Really easy to use.
  • Works with both Tormek T-4 and Tormek T-8, as well as older models.
  • Works with most types of scissors and shears.

Simple setup

The scissors or shears are mounted in a holder that rests against the support plate. The sharpening angle can be set so that you can repeat the existing sharpening angle exactly. You grind away the smallest possible amount of material every time, no matter what angle the scissors or shears are at.

Sharpening scissors and shears of various shapes

One scissor blade is often slightly convex, or sometimes both are. Tormek's patented design means you can follow the individual shape of each blade to ensure even sharpening along the entire length. The rotation of the grinding wheel presses the scissors against the support plate, so you can concentrate on moving the scissors across the grinding wheel while maintaining full control. Please note that the SVX-150 Scissors Jig is not recommended for hairdressing scissors due to their special geometry.



Shipping weight 0.44 kg (0.97 lb)




Precision-cast zinc, black composite, aluminum support plate


2-year warranty

Made in Sweden


Introduction: SVX-150 Scissors Jig

Watch this short introduction on how the SVX-150 Scissors Jig works.

Tormek Live Sharpening Classes

Wolfgang and Sébastien demonstrate how to use the SVX-150 Scissors Jig to sharpen various kinds of scissors and shears.



The SVX-150 Scissors Jig comes fully assembled and ready to use.

  • Instructions for the SVX-150 Scissors Jig.
  • Mounting plate for scissors/shears.
  • Aluminum support plate.

Customer Reviews

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Kenneth Romanyshyn
An amazing shopping experience!

I came across's site by accident late one afternoon, and quickly sent in an on-line inquiry to see if, a) I would actually receive a response back. b) if they actually had the items in my inquiry in stock, and to confirm their shipping offer.

I was stunned that after a handful of minutes later, a response came back confirming that all components were in stock and could be shipped out by the next business day, as their courier had already picked up for the day. A few minutes later, I easily ordered the parts online and promptly recieved an invoice and courier tracking number. This is a rare, but very welcomed customer service based from my on-line shopping experiences. Kudos to you,! Your on my suppliers list, and, I'm looking at buying more products for my business from you in the near future! A win-win situation, I'd say.


Ken Romanyshyn,
The Knife Sharpener,
Nanaimo, BC.

Tormek scissor jig

Well built A bit more challenging to use

Ryan Ayre c/o Victoria Fire Dept.

Scissors Jig