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Hultafors Fire Steel FS


An extra-long and extra thick fire steel for better function and ergonomics resulting in better efficiency. 100 mm in length and a diameter of 10 mm for a fire steel easy to use in any weather. The sparks generated get approximately 3000°C. To be used against the spine of Hultafors Outdoor Knives (OK1 and OK4), whose holsters come with fire steel holders.

  • The fire steel is easy to hold and the strap provides extra grip.
  • The elastic strap makes it easy to secure in the Hultafors fire steel holder.
  • Almost impossible to wear out. Good for thousands of strikes.
  • Both ends of the fire steel can be struck - more sparks for the money.
  • Total length: 100 mm

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Norberto Pancera
Real fire steel

Outstanding service as usual. Honestly, I added the fire steel to my shopping cart for the free shipping! Now I'm glad I did it. It's simple, no frills but I like the absence of a crappy holder/handle so I can use it to its full extent.
But now I need to buy the Hultafors knife!

Guy R
Great back up for the camp kit

Good to have as either primary or backup for camp fires. Fits nicely in the OK4 sheath. Service from Axeman is excellent.

Great quality

Fits nicely in the Hultafors outdoor knife sheath. Large enough that it should last a very long time.

Hultafors Fire Steel

Not as big as I expected, it does throws big hot sparks.
When I tried it out in the house, I was worried that some of the large sparks that landed on my carpet might set it afire, LOL

Wilson Blais
Super Allume-feu

Avec le OK4 cet allume feu fonctionne comme un charme!