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HB-10 Tormek Handbook

Everything about the Tormek method


The HB-10 Tormek Handbook is included with every water-cooled sharpening system. It provides basic information on sharpening and different techniques, as well as user instructions and valuable tips for each jig and how to sharpen specific tools. Most of what there is to know about the Tormek method can be found here.



Why HB-10 Tormek Handbook?

  • Provides an in-depth understanding of your sharpening system.
  • Contains valuable knowledge on how to sharpen your specific tool.
  • Learn how to take care of your machine to ensure best practice sharpening and longer service life.
  • Easy to navigate.
  • Applies to all Tormek water-cooled sharpening machines.

General information on sharpening edge tools

The introduction to the HB-10 Tormek Handbook looks at: The difference between grinding and sharpening, edge angle and bevel angle, dry grinding and wet grinding, vertical and horizontal sharpening machines, concave bevel, sharpening direction and sharpening pressure, honing and polishing, and different techniques for tools with complex shapes. This first part gives you a general understanding of sharpening and the factors that affect the results.

Tormek tips, instructions, and maintenance

The main part of the book provides instructions for each Tormek jig and accessory, along with useful tips on maintenance and use. If you know which jig you want to have a closer look at, keep an eye out for the product index on the last page – it's a shortcut that will save you time. If you don't know which jig to use, you can quickly find the right jig for your specific tool in another smart index.

The HB-10 Tormek Handbook contains more than 600 detailed drawings showing step-by-step instructions on how to sharpen various tools using the unique Tormek method. This handbook is included with every water-cooled sharpening machine and is also available for download when you register your machine. You can also buy it separately from your retailer.

HB-10 Tormek Handbook Online and in more languages

The handbook is supplied with your Tormek machine in local languages depending on what country you buy it from. It is also available for download as a PDF, in all languages, here.

HB-10 Tormek Handbook is available in the following languages:

  • English




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Most sections in the Tormek sharpening classes are based on the HB-10 Tormek Handbook. Watch the first episode on sharpening knives.



The HB-10 Tormek Handbook comes fully assembled and ready to use.