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Granberg Cool Grind



Granberg ‘Kool Grind’ is a cooling compound for use when sharpening chainsaw chain with a chainsaw grinder. It is advised that it be applied every 2-3 teeth to help prolong the life of the stone and protect against glazing. Will work as a coolant with any abrasive wheel or grinding stones.

How to use Kool Grind compound

With the stone or wheel running, simply touch the stone to the kool grind after every 2-3 teeth that how sharpen.

What is exactly Granberg Kool Grind?

Kool Grind is a silicone based wax formed into a cylinder, and is perfect for lubricating during the chainsaw chain sharpening process.

Shipping weight and dimensions 1/2" diameter, 2" long, 1/3 oz