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This patented AngleMaster has two functions: You can use it to set the jig to the grindstone so that it grinds your tool to any desired edge angle from 10° to 75° and you can use it to measure an existing edge angle on a tool.

The AngleMaster is designed to work on any grindstone diameter from 250 mm (10") down to 150 mm (6"). You achieve an exact setting irrespective of the degree of stone wear.

The AngleMaster has two magnets for convenient fixing onto the housing of the machine.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Pete Bifano
What's the bevel angle?

So well designed and made. I love that it has magnets to keep in handy stuck to the machine. If you are "fixing" a bad edge or starting from scratch. Get this. Quality and great customer service at Axeman

Wilson Blais
Un outil essentiel!!!

Un outil essentiel pour le calcul précis de l'angle de mes lames!

Eric Grummisch
Well made accessory

A very nice, useful gauge for both measuring the angle of a bevel, and setting the correct angle for grinding.
I would have preferred to see it made of aluminum, although it is made of a sturdy plastic or nylon material that seems to do the job. I did know that to be the case when I ordered it.
It is sometimes difficult to position the gauge to set the grinding angle, for instance, when sharpening scissors with the scissors jig. It would be easier if the measuring arms were longer, as the bulk of the unit can prevent the arms from seating and it can be difficult to find where to take the measurement.
All in all, though, a well made and very handy accessory to have.

Ron cameron

Like how fast recurved order and on time

Helen Kalis
Perfect Angle Everytime

Great Quality Product. Used this for years at work. Over time the plastic does wear. But that's you're typical wear and tear. Love this! Perfect edge everytime. I highly recommend this for when using your tormek. 5 Stars!