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BIGBOY 2000 (XL Teeth)


The largest curved blade folding saw in the SILKY line-up at 360mm or 14 1/5 inches. The Bigboy 2000 is equipped with a perfectly balanced uniquely shaped low-angle curved blade. With a taper-ground blade made from Japanese SK-4 steel, impulse hardened teeth and a tough chrome treated finish, this saw has a lot to offer in the way of Quality; and it is just this quality we have come to expect from this family owned company from Japan. Rubberized and cushioned handle large enough for use with two hands.

Silky Saws BIGBOY 2000 (XL Teeth)

  • An Original Silky Saws product, BIGBOY 2000 (XL Teeth) is a top of the line rust-resistant, hard chrome-plated, taper-ground blade with an impulse-hardened tooth design. It utilizes proprietary Silky MIRAI-ME (Smooth Cutting) Technology - The Teeth of the Future!
  • From our prestigious Bear Necessities top of the line of equipments, this best-selling, state-of-the-art, professional hand saw has a curved-back handle which adds depth and strength to every cut, providing greater scraping speed with less effort.
  • It features a steel handle with a non-slip rubber grip, a chrome-plated blade with large, and precision cut tooth pattern for a much more comfortable use.
  • This high-end top of the class large multi-purpose power saw has precision-ground, advanced razor-sharp teeth with cutting angles providing fast, clean, and extremely smooth cutting action.
  • Superbly designed with rubber hand-grip which absorbs vibration while being used. Considered as one of the best cutting tools in the market, the cutting angles of the blade and electronically hardened teeth make scraping well balanced.
  • The hard chrome-plated blade has a 5.5 per inch teeth configuration. It resists rust and effects of tree resin and wipes clean easily. Molded-rubber handle supports the high-performance, fast-cutting, curved blade that fits securely inside its custom-fitted, pivoting, black polypropylene sheath with detachable belt holder.
  • Great combination of high performance curved blade with a comfortable sure-grip handle that really sticks in your hands. Beautifully balanced straight pruning tool, with 360 mm curved blade length, it is the perfect toolbox sized scraping equipment to be kept and use all the time for an additional cutting job support, delivering safety and comfort to every use dedicated to provide pruning support for any kind of cutting task.
  • Suitable for serious pruning, trimming, gardening, and other related cutting works, cutting jobs can be carried out worry-free as the teeth of this saw receive a hard chrome treatment like the rest of the blade. The blade's taper-ground teeth with impulse-hardened tips further assure the toughness and durability of this beauty.
  • Made in Japan, this powerful cutting instrument offers steady assistance to any kind of pruning errands. With a total weight of 1 lbs, it is made of Aluminum, Rubber, Steel Metal : SK4 High Carbon Steel.
  • With blade thickness 1.4 mm and 1.5 Kerfs, it is simple to use, easy to keep, low maintenance, and can effortlessly adapt to diverse pruning activities with the help of its portable design.
  • With its smooth cutting action, sharp precision, and compatibility with any kind of hand carving works, it is capable of providing the most proficient scrapes through its tough teethed blades and competent cutting slit.
  • It has an electroless nickel plating and a special coating on the entire blade for strong rust resistance.
  • With the new improved scabbard and 3D locking system, it deters the saw from plummeting out with the locking system. It protects the scabbard from the teeth improving it's lifespan and provides an assurance of immunity from various kinds of lacerations or cuts, keeping every finger safe.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Brenden Anderson
Exceptional Saw

Really a step up from anything else out there. Oozes quality and rips through any type of wood. Stopped bringing a chainsaw in the side-by-side. The big boy does anything up to 6-8” no prob.

Donald Ardon
Cuts like butter

This hand saw is fantastic. It really makes quick work of my pruning needs.

The service at axeman is great. I used their online chat feature as my shipment was stuck with no updates from Canada Post. I was helped immediately and they updated my promptly after they talked to Canada Post about the shipment was and when I should receive it. I will be using Axeman in the future.

Brad Neufeld
She only loves me for my saw

Bigboy cuts true, cuts fast, is easy to carry, and leaves behind a beautiful smooth sanded finish. It is not all good news, however. Ever since I got this saw a certain someone has been swiping it to sneak off and have her little trysts in the woods. Sure she comes back with buckets filled with sticks and tells me she is doing it for us, but where is the saw when I need it? Well two can play at that game sister, and it looks like I am going to have to get another one. Let us see how she likes them apples!

Steve Rice

I ordered the silky saw and it shipped the same day. Very satisfied with the ease of ordering and speed of delivery.

Tim Sharpe
Great Product

Cuts through trees effortlessly