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Extended Universal Support


US-430 Extended Universal Support

Longer universal support for longer and higher tools

The US-430 Extended Universal Support is designed for sharpening long or tall tools, such as long knives, meat cleavers and machetes. Like our other universal supports, it has a Micro Adjust scale for precision setting of the sharpening angle.

Why US-430 Extended Universal Support?

  • Longer support for sharpening long tools.
  • Taller support for sharpening tall tools.
  • Easy to mount– just insert into the precision mounts.
  • Fits the Tormek T-8, Tormek T-7, Tormek T-4, Tormek T-3 and older models.

For longer and taller tools

The US-430 Extended Universal Support is designed for anyone sharpening particularly long or tall tools. Sometimes your regular universal support just isn't enough, either in length or in height. You might be sharpening a tall meat cleaver or a long knife, for example.

The SE-77 Square Edge Jig stop function, that prevents the tool slipping off the grinding wheel, doesn't work with the US-430 Extended Universal Support as it is too long for that.

Fits your Tormek

The US-430 Extended Universal Support fits the Tormek T-8, Tormek T-7, Tormek T-4, Tormek T-3 and older models. The universal support is 436 mm (17 1/8") long and 212 mm (8 3/8") high. You can position it vertically for sharpening into the edge (edge leading), horizontally for sharpening away from the edge (edge trailing), or horizontally for honing with jigs. Like our other universal supports, the US-430 Extended Universal Support also works with the MB-102 Multi Base for sharpening on the side of diamond grinding wheels.



Shipping weight 0.87 kg (1.92 lb)




Nickel-plated steel


2-year warranty


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Made in Sweden


Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Mou Tong Lam
good service

good stuff

Norm Wilson
So Much Better!

So much better than the standard Tormek Universal Support! A longer guide rail and increased height options. Excellent for both longer and wider blades. Peace of mind in not running off the rail and being able to obtain the desired apex angle. Now I use the standard Universal Support, in conjunction with the new MB 102 Multi Base for honeing only.

James L Bourne
long knives

Do you have long knives to sharpen and hone on your Tormek ?
the Universal Support Extended is absolutely necessary to do the job
properly. You must be able to sharpen and hone the blade in one motion
which you can only do with a support that is long enough to do the job.

Reviewer avatar
Jean-Paul P
a Must

a must if you can afford to never miss few inches to get the longest knives done properly. In my case tho, the weld is too wide and needs to be sand down to be smooth while running the tool. a Bummer for a Tormek branded quality in my opinion. Cannot say if they are all the same.

Eric St-Martin
Absolutely essential for long knives sharpening

If you intend to sharpen kitchen knives, this support is an absolute necessity. Easy and precise adjustment with the thumbwheel. Solid support for the knife.