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Tormek T-4 Sharpener


  • With the Tormek T-4 you get a high quality machine ideal for home and hobby work. You get access to the extensive Tormek jig system and can sharpen practically all common edge tools.

    Tormek T-4 is an enhancement of the T-3 model taking the precision and stability to a completely new level. Vital functions like the motor and the main shaft are mounted in the zinc cast top, which also includes integrated sleeves for the Universal Support. This advanced design ensures an unbeatable precision for the Universal Support, which control all jigs and accessories.

    Like the larger Tormek models, the T-4 is equipped with the Tormek Original Grindstone. It is optimized to combine efficient steel removal, smooth surface finish and a long life. With the included Stone Grader, you can alter the stone surface from 220 grit to about a 1000 grit surface, giving you two different sharpening qualities in one stone.

    The T-4 is well suited for sharpening chisels, knives, scissors, and smaller tools like carving tools. It also works with turning tools and drill bits, but for plane irons and moulding knives we recommend one of the larger Tormek machine models. Note that a few shapes of gouges cannot be honed with the SVD-186 Gouge Jig on the leather honing wheel due to the compact size of the Tormek T-4. These tools can be honed freehand instead.

    The motor is rated for 30-minutes continuous use at a time. That is usually more than enough for the house need, but if you sharpen more we advise you to take a look at one of the larger Tormek machine models which can run continuously.

    Tormek T-4 is delivered with the Stone Grader SP-650, the AngleMaster WM-200, Honing compound PA-70 and the Tormek Handbook on sharpening. Configure the T-4 with your choice of jigs according to the tools that you are to sharpen (sold separately).

  • Tormek T-4 details

    Tormek _T-4_sleeves _2_260
    With the sleeves for the Universal Support now being cast in the zinc top, together with the new Tormek stadium shaped design of the holes (patent pending) – the precision has been improved by 300 % compared to T-3.
    Tormek _T-4_detail _handle _260
    The handle makes the machine easy to move and position. So you are not tempted to make the mistake and try to lift the machine with the Universal Support.
    Tormek _t -4_detail _1
    Vital parts like the motor and the main shaft are integrated with the zinc cast top.
    Tormek _t -4_detail _2
    Tormek _T-4_detail _4a _260
    The machine plate is now made of metal, which makes it a convenient place to store the Tormek AngleMaster (which has magnetic feet).


    Go to WM-200 AngleMasterWM-200 AngleMaster

    WM-200 AngleMaster

    Go to HB-10 Tormek HandbookHB-10 Tormek Handbook

    HB-10 Tormek Handbook

    Go to SP-650 Stone GraderSP-650 Stone Grader

    SP-650 Stone Grader

  • Patent:EP 2946881
    Width 230 mm (9 1/16"), Depth 200 mm (7 7/8"), Height 260 mm (10¼")
    Weight: Shipping weight 9.8 kg, Machine only 8.0 kg
    Grindstone: Tormek Original Grindstone, Aluminium oxide, ∅ 200×40 mm (8"×1 5/8") 120 rpm, torque 8.4 Nm
    Leather Honing Wheel: ∅ 145×26 mm (5¾"×1")
    Main Shaft: Stainless steel main shaft and stone hardware. EzyLock in composite.
    Housing: Zinc cast top, Impact resistant ABS plastic
    Motor: Industrial single phase, 120 W (input) 115 V, 60 Hz. Duty 30 min/hour, Maintenance free. Silent running, 54 dB. 10,000 hour life
    Parts breakdown: Tormek T-4 (EN)
    Warranty:7 years*

    *When used for commercial, industrial or educational purpose the T-4 warranty is 2 years.

    Certificates T-4

    Made In Sweden

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Pat Barrett
Great experience, highly recommend AxeMan!

Awsome customer service, I will definitely be a return customer.. thanks Jeremy
Pat Barrett

Kelly Windover

Still learning how to use, but early results are good

Christopher Gix
I like it.

I am enjoying the T-4 for sharpening my bowl gouges. I like the slow speed and the fact that the wheel turns away from my gouge rather than towards it. My previous sharpening system was the low speed dry grinder with aluminum oxide wheel and a Wolverine vari-grind jig. I had three really bad "catches" on the grinding wheel with my old set-up; gouge caught on edge of wheel; tore a chunk out of the wheel and out of my gouge. I feel much more in control with the T-4.