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Carpenter's Axe SY 21-0,8 SV, 800 g


Blasted and clear-lacquered ironwork with a notch in the head near the shaft, allowing you to hold a hand directly above the edge while

cutting. The shaft is curved and made from hickory.

  • The axe is hand-forged and made from Swedish axe steel using traditional methods in use since 1697.
  • The steel is struck several times, increasing its density and thereby the durability of the axe.
  • Has a clear tempered zone within which the axe can be sharpened whilst not detracting from the strength of the edge.
  • The shaft is made from hickory and treated with linseed oil.
  • Weight: 800 g
  • Shaft length: 500 mm (20 in.)
  • Surface axe head: Blasted

A carpenter's axe edge profile gives you precision. Here is the 0.8kg head:

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

Excellent rapport qualité-prix.
Je viens de m'en servir pour équarrir un petit billot de frêne.
Félicicitations à Axeman pour garder les prix raisonnables en cette période d'inflation. En résumé, bon achat. Je recommande

Good axe - perfect service - happy customer !!

I will join the chores about the outstanding service given by 'the axeman'. That alone left me a satisfied customer, even before I received or tested the axe. For the axe itself: beautiful piece of craftsmanship even though fit and finished reflects a bit too much the low price point. The grain of the handle is not ideal, but the handle itself fits perfectly my hands. The other less optimal fitting issue is the bit itself which is not perfectly in line with the handle, but I hope my brain will adjust fast and give me straight results. As mentioned, the low price for a Swedish steel axe is reflected by a lesser fit & finish, but overall a very nice tool which will be in service for many years.

Norberto Pancera
Outstanding service, no frills axe

First I’d like to praise Axeman for their outstanding service and selection/prices. I’ve scoured de web looking for HB axes and was glad to find a family company with better prices than Amazon. Plus they shipped my order within hours after payment.
Now for the axe, it delivers a lot of bite and control and the edge will hold (if you use it as intended). The reason I gave the review 4 stars is because if you don’t buy the HB’s “premium” line, you don’t get the same care with the axe & haft finish that you can find in mass produced axes, like the Husqvarna’s, which are cheaper in the US but also Swedish steel. Not a big deal for people who like to customize their tools, but my haft came with rasp marks, raised grain, curls at each cheek, and minute anterior/posterior gaps around the eye. I’m considering re-hafting it with a custom 24” haft and transform my carpenter axe into a lower budget Aby (HB’s forest axe).

Nikki Driscoll

Excellent craftsmanship! Perfect size for backpacking and portaging. Shipping was fast .I highly recommend axeman to anyone needing bladed tools! Best anniversary gift!

Andrew Nawrot

Awesome axe from awesome Canadian company. Will be buying more