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Hultafors Splitting Hatchet 20 1/2 inch handle


Splitting axe made from blasted and clear-lacquered ironwork. The heavier axe is best suited to stronger wood, while the lighter axe is best suited to basic splitting of ‘fireplace wood’. The shaft is curved and made from hickory.

  • The axe is hand-forged and made from Swedish axe steel using traditional methods in use since 1697.
  • The steel is stuck several times, increasing its density and thereby the durability of the axe.
  • Has a clear tempered zone within which the axe can be sharpened whilst not detracting from the strength of the edge.
  • The shaft is made from hickory and treated with linseed oil.
Weight 1400 grams
Overall length 51 cm
Length handle 44.4 cm
Axe head height 6.5 cm
Axe head length 17 cm
Axe head thickness 2.7 cm
Axe head weight 900 grams
Sharpened length 7.2 cm

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

Nice European made splitting axe.

James Addy
Great little axe

Great little splitting axe. I wouldn't use it on large logs but it definitely does the trick on smaller ones. It's great to have close by the fire pit!

Martin G Tokar

Fast delivery, well made axe that has the quality to last a very long time. It is perfect for family camping trips.

Phil Lambert

Package arrived quickly with no damage. Haven’t used it much yet, but it works great for splitting small pieces or making wood already split smaller. Works best with straight grain due to handle length and head weight. If you are looking for an axe that’s compact and can split small wood then this is for you. If you want to split larger pieces I would say buy one with a longer handle and maybe heavier head.

Elizabeth Beisel

Incredibly well made. We are blown away, honestly just to look at it is a pleasing refreshment to the eye. It's so nice to find something that feels like it's from times ago. Thank you so much!